Friday, May 23, 2014

Productive Week!!

It's been a good overall week, very productive! Lots of character designs for a future project ( To be announced soon ), more logo work, and a narrative drawing to showcase the rivalry between Officer Grace & The Vanisher ( HvV Project in progress also ). Big things are on the way, Stay tuned on the Art Front! On the video game front finally was able to beat the Diablo 3 Expansion, now just playing the end game content of Adventure Mode & Nephalem Rifts! Crusader is the best class me thinks! Still chugging away at Final Fantasy 13-1 ( Have the next 2 games waiting ).... It is a struggle to work through this game, but getting closer and then it shall be done! All in good fun I suppose... Rest for the weekend ( I may squeeze some more work in as the spirit grabs me ) Until next week!

Artistic Inspiration:  American Dad from season 1 again, love these shows! Seen them enough to not even have to watch it, just listen and I know what is going on!

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