Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Captain America Print is Done!!!!

After putting the finishing touches on the Colors, it is done!  Some good detail work, Love his new costume for the 2nd Movie!  I modified it slightly ( Arms, Belt and Boots mostly )! You can purchase this bad boy for 5$ and add it to your collection of Avengers ( Iron Man & Thor ).  Let me know your thoughts! Back to the Studio work, Late and productive night tonight! 

Artistic Inspiration of Day:  Finishing up Bob's Burgers Season 3 ( Awesome Season BTW), and of course playing Clash of Clans & Boom Beach every few hours to build and raid stuff!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sharke Diem

"Seize the Shark?"
Today was a productive day!  Ran lots of errands & sketched out a bunch of concepts today. Also continuing to color away at the Captain America Print ( All the detail is taking foreeeeeeeeever ) But it's coming out nice so it's worth the wait! Now, to close the day off with some video games!

Artistic Inspiration of the Day: The Shark episode of Bob's Burgers made me laugh so hard I wanted to pee my pants! Awesome episode and great show! Season 3 is pretty damn hillarious!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Captain America Pencils & Inks

Been diligently plugging away at the Captain America Prints I've been cooking up ( Wasn't the 2nd movie just awesome? ) Put together the pencils and inks for display, Colors are in progress right now!   Have a long list of projects to work on, but trying to put a bow on this piece to move onto the next! Thankfully we have some more dynamic poses and background integration on the projects on the Art Board! Feels good to work with Cap, he's one of my faves! What does everyone think?

Artistic Inspiration of the Day: Bob's Burgers, really funny show to listen to while you work!

Blog is up and Running!!!

Howdy All! Welcome to the Tipped Tank Blog, Artistic Blog of Josh Murzynski! This will be a happening place to keep posted on all of my crazy antics! You will also have access to daily sketches & warm up drawings I do ( Which won't be posted anywhere else Muhahaha ).Daily & Weekly updates and Top of mind topics ripe for discussion! Thank you for visiting, and here is a sample of what the artistic blogs will be about!


Picture / Sample

Blog Contents

Inspiration of the Day: Basically if I was inspired by anything specific OR listened to specific songs OR watched / listened to any specific movies or shows while working, whatever gets the artistic juices flowing!  

Here we go! Again thank you for visiting!!  Here's to MANY MORE PAGEVIEWS!!!! Hah